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Are you investing in SELF today???? 2-minute read

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve done things that were “good”, let’s say productive and profitable, and for sure, I’ve done many things that were not “good”, downright destructive even.

Recently, I have pondered, in greater detail, my mortality and the fact that I am definitely on the “back 9”, turning 50 will do that to a person.

One idea or concept that I have come to realize and put into practice is “living intentionally”. I do things that serve me well, not for a temporary gratifying moment, but for the lasting and enduring benefit to mind, body, and spirit.

I employ the analysis of “price vs. cost” in many situations today. The short-sighted thinking that I had practiced for a long time has gone by the wayside. An example that comes to mind is in regard to fitness, and my physical health. For a long time, I wanted to try CrossFit.

The concepts, exercises, and workouts were very appealing to me, yet I never tried them because of the price per month. If you don’t know, CrossFit can be what some would say, very expensive, even overpriced. When I took a step back and broke it down per week it became less daunting. So for argument's sake, the gym I connected with was offering 12 sessions per month for $160. Divide that by 4 (weeks) and we’re at $40/week. Hmmm, as I kept going, 12 sessions per month equated to 3/week at a cost of $13.33 per session. Now we’re getting somewhere!

I easily spend more than $13.33 on any given day on things that aren’t nearly as productive and rewarding for me as a solid workout. The benefits to my body and mind during and after the workout are priceless. Omit some coffee runs, and spontaneous snack attacks and it becomes very very easy to justify the price of the membership.

Another example, much simpler, is the time variable.

I have a stack of books on my desk and nightstand that have been acting as paperweights and dust collectors for quite a while. I was always too busy endlessly and wastefully searching for my next Netflix series to binge-watch, most times being unable to decide which one deserved my time. When I shifted my perspective and intentionally made time in my schedule to read for an hour or so, instead of wasting that time scrolling, I was amazed at how energized and productive I felt, not to mention the overall cognitive improvement.

Present day I use this with so many things in my life. I use it at the grocery store, the food that I purchase and consume directly impacts my mental, physical, and emotional health, this is a fact backed by not only science but my own experience. When I take the time to weigh the “price vs cost” I find that I now spend my hard-earned

dollar on things that are sustaining and lasting to my body and my mind. The old phrase “ya get what ya pay for” rings true!!

My suggestion is to give this a try, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion that I have.

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