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sober companion for hire virtually

Bill Nielsen coaches and walks alongside those individuals seeking to improve their life and recovery journey.

Professional life and recovery coach for hire in the United States
recovery coach for hire

Schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation call with Bill; email to schedule.

Hire Sober Companion
Professional Recovery Coach

Bill offers a great deal of value to those individuals with whom he has the privilege to coach into a more fulfilling life and recovery journey by walking hand-in-hand with his clients toward very specific personal and professional goals.

Bill works with individuals to:
  • Uncover their truths

  • Change the narrative

  • Re-write their story

The results are freedom, balance, and peace that permeate all aspects of one’s life….relationships restored, personal and financial security, endurance to handle what life throws your way and most importantly a quiet, yet resolute self-confidence!

Hire recovery consultation specialist


Bill offers all of his professional services either in-person or virtually. Virtual coaching and consultation is a widely practiced form of communication in the recovery and life coaching community, today.

1 to 1 coaching

Bill recognizes all pathways and employs multiple modalities in direct support and guidance of individuals in recovery.

Small Group Facilitation

Bill has years of experience in the facilitation of groups related to recovery and faith-based spirituality.

Speaking Engagemnets

Bill is available to speak at venues large or small. He has presented for various churches, corporations & more.

Top recovery specialist in the world


The gift is the journey; it’s cliche, but so very true. I get to walk alongside people and help to uncover their truths. Truths that have been covered up or obscured by hurts and wounds, both past and present. It is not solely about the misuse of substances. 


Using anything… food, shopping, sex, gambling, esteem and position, the list goes on, are all examples of maladaptive coping behaviors consistent with persons trying to heal themselves from the outside in. The results are temporary, fleeting, and ultimately destructive. 


Sometimes these behaviors are learned over the years and sometimes they are learned at a very young age; in essence, survival skills.

hire top sober coach in the united states

nās·cent: just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of a future potential

In Person and Virtual Life Coaching Services


Bill currently lives in the great state of New Hampshire. His two grown daughters and his ex-wife, who is still his best friend, reside in CT, where he spent almost all of his life.


His journey has been long and arduous, but worth every single experience, good and bad. He has been to the mountaintops…. homes, cars, a six-figure income; but he's also seen the bottom of the valley…..homeless, broken, and alone. His “lived experiences” and his relationship with his Lord have shaped him into a person that walks in freedom from not only substances but also freedom from the bondage of self. 


Bill openly shares his past and current-day struggles as a model of what can be achieved; a beacon of hope and of a light in the darkness.  Through multiple modalities and the “lived experience”, he pours into others as he walks alongside them on their journey.

He works for a non-profit Recovery Organization and also on a Mobile Crisis Response Team in southern NH.

#1 Recovery Specialist in the U.S.
Professional Life Coach

Working with Bill has changed my life. I was in a bad place and needed a major kickstart, and Bill immediately delivered.  He is thoughtful and caring and rolls up his sleeves to help in any way he can. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a life coach!

Brian W  |  Sales Executive


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